It is not your fault that you were born in the place that you were born, or the type of environment that you have had in your life. Remember Life Skills are called this way, because of all the skills that a person has since the umbilical cord was detached from the mother. In that precise moment, you started without knowing, but already gaining skills for survival. The good things and the not so good things have contributed to who you are and are part of your life story.

Do not be ashamed of your life story because, in a way or another it has helped you to be here and share awesome and unique experiences. However in a way, all our surrenders will always put us off balance or out of skills in some important areas in life. This Life Skills program will help you (if you are ready, as always) to learn and enjoy life by prioritizing, and overall balancing your five domains: physical, intellectual, economical, emotional and social. Probably just one or two of these domains are the missing pieces in your puzzle for you to get back in balance. Let’s start today finding the skills that need to be mastered.

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