Texas recognizes the seriousness of Domestic Violence (DV) or Batterers Intervention Program (BIP), DV or BIP is an act of violence committed against a family member a household member or someone the offender is currently dating or dated in the past. There is a different classification for DV/BIP, it can be:

-Class A misdemeanor
-3rd degree felony
-2nd degree felony
-1st degree felony

If the defendant successfully complies and satisfies all the court's requirements and this is the defendant’s first offense, the court may discharge and dismiss the case. This alternative is commonly granted to the first offenders after reviewing the case. If you are reading this page and want to learn more about it, we are here to assist you and help you educate yourself. You can prevent any criminal conviction by following some simple life's rules.

Remember, that even a misdemeanor conviction can become part of your permanent criminal record and this situation can negatively impact the rest of your life and overall can limit your rights as a citizen. We work on prevention if you are not in trouble, but if you already are; we will do an intervention in your situation and guide you to satisfy all the court's requirements.

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