Got more than one DWI/DUI ticket?

If for some reason you did not see the seriousness of the first DWI/DUI offense then this intervention program will help you look at it in a deeper and different angle.

The state of Texas has created this article: Article 42.12, Section 13(j), Code of Criminal Procedure requires persons convicted of subsequent DWI offenses to attend a program for "repeat offenders" approved by TCADA. Failure to complete the program will result in the offender’s license being revoked until the program has been completed. This standardized program is 32 hours in length and is designed for multiple DWI offenders and/or others who have alcohol/drug related problems for which the first offender program was not designed to address.

The program purpose is to intervene in the alcohol/drug abusing lifestyles of the offenders in order to encourage entry into treatment where indicated as well as to prevent further substance abuse related problems. Specific course topics include lifestyle issues, values, self-esteem, positive thinking vs. irrational beliefs, responsibility, physiological/psychological effects of drugs, alcoholism, chemical dependency, how drug abuse affects family members, co-dependency, Al-Anon, treatment options, 12-Step Self-Help Groups, peer pressure, relapse prevention, problem-solving and action-planning. We are confident that after this program your entire form of viewing life will change drastically for the better. Animo is here to empower your growth.


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